To meet an exploding global demand for materials and achieve security of resources, it is imperative for companies to access new ways to process resources.  Corporations already face looming technical and economic pressures – lower grade sources, increased regulation, and increased environmental and social licensing issues.  Real innovation in the tools used to process resources can be used to offset these pressures. More effective, efficient and sustainable tools that transform the way things are captured, separated, and purified.

At Renix we provide unique solutions to meet this need. Within the Liquid Separations market, Renix’s specialty is Ion Exchange.  Ion exchange is a powerful chemistry-based tool, with proven success separating dissolved compounds such as metals, minerals, salts, or contaminants out of liquids such as water, acids, or food ingredients.  But the standard platform is a fixed bed, batch-style process with many challenges, making it inefficient, costly, or even unfeasible in some applications.

RenixUIX™ is the world’s first steady-state ion exchange platform. It maximizes the power of this technique, enabling ion exchange to do things it could not do before and at the same time offering significant operating cost reductions over conventional platforms.

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Find out more about how we apply our patented platform and proprietary process solutions to capture, separate and purify resources – Food, Water, Energy & Fuel, Metals & Materials.