Renix’s innovative product, RenixUIX™ is the world’s first steady-state ion exchange platform. It maximizes the power of chemically-driven separation, enabling ion exchange to do things it could not do before. At the same time, it reduces operating expenses up to 60% over conventional platforms. In contrast to most other separation technologies, ion exchange is a powerful chemistry-based tool. It is a well-established & proven concept widely used to pull dissolved compounds such as metals, minerals, salts, or contaminants out of liquids such as water, acids, or food ingredients. The standard ion exchange platform is a fixed bed, batch-style process with many challenges, making it inefficient, costly, or even unfeasible in some applications; RenixUIX™ has none of these shortcomings.

Instead, RenixUIX™ offers steady-state processing which significantly reduces costs, results in a smaller environmental footprint, & advanced chemistry that enables IX to solve industries’ complex challenges.

Traditional Resin Usage

UIX Resin Usage

UIX Steady State Ion Exchange System

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