Renix Inc and ClonBio Group Ltd announce Strategic Investment

Renix Inc, Sustainable Separation and Purification Technology for Resource Processors

ClonBio Group Ltd, Market Leader and Large-Scale Producer of Renewable Energy and Animal Nutrition in Europe

Renix Inc and ClonBio Group Ltd are pleased to announce a multi-million dollar

investment to accelerate the next stage of Renix’s corporate development.

“As we enter the next phase of our journey, we’re thrilled to have found a such a

great partner in the agri-business space,” said Christine Haas, founder and President

of Renix. “ClonBio is committed to a vision of dramatic change to methods and

sources of production in the agri-food business. They have a seasoned team with a

very successful commercialization record. We look forward to working together to

transform processes and bring sustainable products to market.” 

Having worked together on application development over the past two years, Renix

and ClonBio subsidiary Pannonia Bio are cooperating on recovery of alternative

protein from spent grain streams, to create a high-purity ingredient for food and

feed use.

“Over the past two years ClonBio has been impressed by Renix's technology and, just

as much, by its dedicated and talented team, who advanced our soluble protein

development efforts by leaps and bounds despite Covid. It is our honour to support

the Renix team further with this investment,” said Mark Turley, founder and CEO of


Bioindustrial Innovation Canada and Southwestern Ontario Angels have been

supporters of Renix from the company’s early days. As these organizations exit from

the company, they are excited to see Renix taking the next steps with this strategic


“We’re proud of the accomplishments of the Renix team and that we were able to

provide early support to the company.  Today we’re pleased to see this investment

attracted to a Canadian SME in the Cleantech space”, said Renix Board Chair and

Investor Representative, Carmen Gicante.  “We and our colleagues at BIC will

continue to offer any support we can to help Renix grow.”

Renix will continue to pursue opportunities to develop value recovery processes in

the agri-food processing space, as well as mining and water management, from the

company’s office at The Grove at Western Fair District in London, Ontario.

About Renix Inc.

Based in London, Ontario, Renix is a cleantech company inspired to use new

technology to purify many of the materials we use every day, from the food we eat

to the metals we use to the water we need.  Our company offers value recovery

through our separation and purification technology, RenixUIX™.  With Renix’s

advanced applications know-how and patented technology, the company is poised

to tackle global resource processing challenges. For more information, please visit

the Renix website at

About ClonBio Group Ltd

ClonBio has developed Europe’s largest grain-based biorefinery, managed by its

operating subsidiary Pannonia Bio, situated close to corn feedstock sources in the

crop growing regions of Hungary. The refining process separates the constituent

elements of grain, namely starch, protein, fibre and oils, and produces renewable

bioproducts. In addition to being a large-scale producer of ethanol and protein-

enriched animal feed, ClonBio also functions as an incubator for bioproducts to

commercial scale. The company is currently developing novel bioproducts in

nutrition, health, biochemical and energy markets. For more information, please

visit the ClonBio website at

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