Renix Completes New Demonstration Unit

After beginning construction in 2018, London, Ontario-based Renix Inc. has successfully developed its RenixUIX™ unit to help provide sustainable solutions to capture, separate, and purify resources for the increasing needs of the global population.

Renix has developed the steady-state RenixUIX™ system utilizing the proven chemistry of ion exchange and delivering it in a newly patented platform, to achieve higher quality industrial liquid separation while minimizing required inputs.

To provide scale-up demonstration and industry acceptance, Renix built a universal fully automated demonstration unit to allow for application configuration across multiple industries. The demonstration unit incorporates full remote monitoring and control, robust 24/7 continuous operations, and modular skid mounted components that industries demand to maximize operational efficiency.

Eduardo Cordova, Vice President of Business Development at Renix, acknowledged that Renix’s project received financial and advisory support from Bioindustrial Innovation Canada has provided, through their Centre for Commercialization of Sustainable Chemistry Innovation program.

The RenixUIX™ unit marks a significant advance in Renix’s commercial growth, advertising itself as the world’s first steady-state ion exchange system that unlocks the chemistry of ion exchange and transforms traditional batch treatment processes into a true steady-state process. RenixUIX™ makes previously unfeasible separations challenges possible and existing applications more efficient and cost-effective.

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