Just 30 years ago, the global population was 5 Billion people. Within 50 years of today, we will surpass 10 Billion People, and we will continue to live on this same planet well into that future - just One Planet, One Set of Resources to provide everything we need.  Food; water; energy & fuel; metals & materials for housing, electric vehicles, telecommunications infrastructure, clothing, smart phones & computers, medical devices & healthcare. 


To meet this exploding demand, it is imperative for companies to access new ways to process resources. 


At Renix we provide unique solutions to meet this need.


Renix is in the business of liquid separations – extracting good from bad & removing bad from good, thereby capturing value for our clients. We equip our resources clients with cost-effective, sustainable solutions using our patented platform, the RenixUIX™, and our proprietary process solutions. to purify materials used in multiple sectors including businesses within Agri-Food (food & beverage ingredients), Resources (metals & minerals, fuel & chemicals), and Industrial Water Management.

Our Team

​​Christine Haas, P.Eng. President & Founder

Christine has successfully overseeing the industrialization of the RenixUIX™ technology and securing financing

and government support required to bring Renix to commercial demonstration.

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Rob Bortolussi, CPA CFO

Rob has extensive experience working with start-up companies & provides Renix with administrative & financial support. Currently, he oversees accounting & finance functions in excess of $100 million/ year.

​Long Sang, Ph.D Process Development Specialist

Long has been the Process Specialist at Renix for more than 5 years. He has developed components of the patented RenixUIXTM system and scale-up models. He has developed research and process expertise in Steady-State fluid-particle systems for more than ten years.

​Andy Prince, BASc Application Development Director.

Andy is the Director of Application Development, and focuses on matching client needs with specific and customized technology applications. Andy is considered one of the pioneers of RenixUIX technology.

Charles Fung, MBA Director of Operations.

Charles Fung is the Director of Operations at Renix.  He leads the team responsible for project delivery and organizational development.  Charles has a background in engineering consulting, project management, and healthcare planning. 

Elliott Corston-Pine ​ Laboratory Technician.

Elliott maintains a focused effort on his role as the Laboratory Technician at Renix. He is a First Nations person with an interest in the water sector while pursuing a Masters of Environment and Business through the University of Waterloo.

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Gary Brown, P.Eng., MBA

Gary’s is a certified FocalPoint business coach, sales facilitator and Navigational Conversations facilitator, who previously founded and ran an industrial process controls sales company specializing in power generation.

Dr. Murray McLaughlin, Ph.D; Chair

Murray has been an active proponent of the Canadian agriculture and bioindustrial chemicals industries for many years. Murray is the Executive Director of Bioindustrial Innovation Canada, and President & CEO of Sustainable Chemistry Alliance.

Glen Smeltzer, P.Eng., MBA

Glen has over 25 years management experience. He has led a start-up company from inception to profitability and acquisition, was a partner in a technology-based venture capital management firm, served as President of the Stiller Centre for Technology Commercialization, and has been a director and mentor to numerous early-stage technology firms.

Mike Banovsky

Mike is a successful entrepreneur in a wide variety of industrial equipment business environments primarily serving customers in the oil and gas, water treatment, chemical and processing industries both domestically and internationally.

Alexander J. (Sandy) Marshall, P.Eng., MASc

Sandy’s background includes over 25 years in the polymer and chemicals industry, Sandy is currently the Chair of the Board of the Bioindustrial Innovation Centre and Sustainable Chemistry Alliance, and the Board of Governors of Lambton College.

Alan Birrell, Bsc (Hons)

A successful senior VP, Alan Birrell is a highly-motivated executive with experience in medical diagnostics, biological, pharmaceutical and ophthalmic products with roles in sales, marketing, manufacturing, and executive management. 

Scott Shawyer, P.Eng.

Scott is the Canadian Chair of the Young Presidents’ Organization Canada and a member of Southwest Ontario Angel Group. Scott holds a BESc and a BA from University of Western Ontario.  

Peter Bruijns, P.Eng., MBA

Peter has many years senior management experience within industrial organizations, including most recently as the CEO of BIOREM Technologies, a clean tech air pollution company. 

Carmen Gicante, MBA

Carmen has an extensive background in business development & marketing, technology commercialization, strategic planning, and sales & customer service.

Dr. Bernard West, Ph.D

Bernard has extensive experience in the chemicals industry, holding a range of roles and senior executive positions. Bernard has acted in advisory roles to early stage technology companies in the chemicals industry, and was President & CEO of CANSOLV Technologies through its final development stage and acquisition.

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Advisory Committee